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High precision Zirconia ceramic strip with holes

Zirconia ceramics have high hardness, high wear resistance, good thermal stability at high temperatures and thermal shock resistance. With the development of zirconia ceramics, its application areas have been expanded from the past refractory materials and other fields, to today's structural ceramics, bioceramics and electronic ceramics and other fields, and in the aerospace and nuclear industry and other high-tech fields also have active applications.
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Name: High precision Zirconia ceramic strip with holes

Specification: Length >200mm, Thickness >15mm
Material: Zirconia
Zirconia products can be threaded, grooved, polished and other types of processing, size tolerance can be controlled to ± 0.01, finish 0.2.
Zirconia material has strong wear resistance, good toughness and self-slip, can be widely used in electronics, steel, machinery and other industries, play a role in insulation, high-temperature stirring, mechanical connections.

Product Description

We have been offering a selection of partially stabilized zirconia, including Y-TZP( yttria-stabilized), Mg-PSZ (magnesia partially stabilized zirconia),Nano 3Y-TZP. Each stabilized zirconia provides unique and specific properties that meet the demands of extreme applications found in many industries.


Y-TZP( yttria-stabilized)


Mg-PSZ (magnesia partially stabilized zirconia)


Nano 3Y-TZP

With our production capability through CNC, precision grinding machines,  we are able to provide many different levels of precision zirconia ceramic parts to meet customers' high precision assembly needs.

Properties Of Different Zirconia Material

Property Item

3Y-TZP White





Mechanical Characteristics Color Ivory/Black - Gold Yellow - BLUE -
Density 6.02
g/cm3 5.7 g/cm3 6.01 g/cm3
Bending Strength 800 MPa 450 MPa 1200 MPa
Compressive trength 3000 MPa 2500 MPa 3000 MPa
Elastic Modulus 200 GPa 250 GPa 220 GPa
Fracture Toughness 8 MPa m1/2 6~7 MPa m1/2 14 MPa m1/2
Weber Coefficient 15 m 12 m 25 m
Vickers Hardness 1200 HV 0.5 1100 HV 0.5 1200 HV 0.5
Thermal Characterics Coefficient of Line Thermal Expansion 10 10-6K-1 10 10-6K-1 10 10-6K-1
Thermal Conductivity 3 W/mK 3 W/mK 2 W/mK
Thermal Shock Resistance(Put in Water) 300 ΔT °C 450 ΔT °C 300 ΔT °C
Max Working Temperature 1000 °C 2100 °C 1000 °C
Electrical Characteristics Volume Resistance at 20°C >1013 Ωcm >1014 Ωcm >1013 Ωcm
Dielectric Strength 11×106 V/m 13 × 105 V/m 11×106 V/m
Dielectric Constant 33 εr 28 εr 33 εr
One MHZ Dielectric Loss Angle at 20°C 0.0016 tanδ 0.0017 tanδ 0.0016 tanδ
Chemical Characteristics Nitric Acid (60%) 90°C ≒0.00 WT Loss mg/cm2/day 0.1 WT Loss mg/cm2/day ≒0.00 WT Loss mg/cm2/day
Sulphuric Acid (95%) 95°C 0.04 0.34 0.03
Caustic Soda (30%) 80°C 0.08 0.95 0.06

This data is the result of laboratory testing. Customers need to judge whether it can be used according to the specific environment.

Our Services

Company Information


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company
A: We are a professional manufacturer of ceramic parts. we are factory.
Q:Do you only supply standard parts or can customized parts according to our drawing?
A: All parts can be customized according to you drawings and will meeting your requirements perfectly.
Q:Can the price be negotiated?
A: Of course, we will consider discounts for large-volume orders.
Q:Can you guarantee the product?
A: Yes, we promise to provide quality assurance for all products, inspect according to your drawings and issue an inspection report. If you are not satisfied with our product quality or service, please feel free to give us feedback.
Q:Can I visit your factory?
A: Of course, welcome your arrival, please contact us in advance and make an appointment.
Q:Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.
Q.What is your terms of payment ?
A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.If you have another question,pls feel free to contact us as below.

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Founded in June 2006, Shenzhen Haorui IndustriaI Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of non-standard industrial ceramics, hard alloys (tungsten steel) and various metal and non-metal precision machinery parts.

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