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  • Q Good electrical performance

    A The dielectric constant of zirconia is 3 times that of sapphire, and the signal is more sensitive, which is more suitable for fingerprint identification patch, etc. From the perspective of shielding effectiveness, zirconia ceramics, as a non-metallic material, have no shielding effect on electromagnetic signals, and will not affect the internal antenna layout at all. It can be easily integrated to adapt to the 5G era.
  • Q Low thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient

    A The thermal conductivity of zirconia is low in common ceramic materials (1.6-2.03W/(m.k)), and its thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of metal. Therefore, zirconia ceramics are suitable for structural ceramic materials, such as zirconia ceramic mobile phone appearance structural parts.
  • Q Relatively high strength and toughness

    A Zirconia ceramics have relatively high strength (up to 1500MPa). Although the toughness is far from that of some metals, compared with other ceramic materials, zirconia ceramics are among the best in the "ceramic circle" (1-35MPa. m1/2).
  • Q High hardness and good wear resistance

    A Zirconia ceramics have higher hardness and better wear resistance. From the specific data, the Mohs hardness of zirconia ceramics is about 8.5, which is very close to the Mohs hardness of sapphire 9, while the Mohs hardness of polycarbonate is only 3.0, that of tempered glass is 5.5, that of aluminum magnesium alloy is 6.0, and that of Corning glass is 7.
  • Q High melting point

    The melting point of zirconia is 2715 ℃. The higher melting point and chemical inertness make zirconia a better refractory.
  • Q Properties and characteristics of zirconia ceramics

    A Zirconia ceramic is a new type of high-tech ceramic. In addition to its high strength, hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high chemical stability and other conditions, it also has the characteristics of scratch resistance, wear resistance, no signal shielding, excellent heat dissipation, and strong processability, good appearance, and is suitable for batch production.
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