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Import Nano Blue Zirconia ceramic Welding Pin

Material TypeL: Import Blue Zirconia 
MOQ: 3 pcs each model
Specification: Standard or Customized
Color: Blue
Surface finish: Normal or Polished
Application: Welding Technology
Main Property: Long Service Life
  • HaoRui

Nano Blue Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin

Nano Blue Zirconia Ceramic Guide / Welding Pin Properties :

Blue 3Y-TZP products are made of nano zirconia material with very low sinter temperature (1350 ℃) to full density ( >6.01g/ cm3) , with fine and small crystal size , such 3Y-TZP ceramics have extremely high bending strength ( > 1200 Mpa ) and toughness (12MPam1/2 ), which is nearly twice than normal zirconia ;

Yttrium element distribute in crystal homogeneously, which make this nano 3Y-TZP can stable in hot and

Humidity environment for a long time to keep the mechanical property and unlike normal 3Y-TZP ceramic crack because of “ low temperature aging ”

Benefits of nano blue zirconia guide pin :

The locating pin of the import nano-zirconia material exhibits the advantages of ultra-high performance when directly contacting the welding material:

-Extremely high wear resistance, the wear is more than three times that of steel in the same environment; Good rigidity and good shape retention. During use, even if there is a large impact force, deformation will not occur;

- Never stick to slag. Due to the unique non-wetting properties of the nano-ceramics, the spattered slag will not stick to the pins during the welding process, and no cleaning or other treatment is required.

- non-conducting, electrically insulating, the voltage can reach millions of volts without breaking through the conduction;

- It can withstand extremely high working temperatures. It still shows excellent stability when the temperature reaches 1200 °C. More importantly, the material has very good thermal shock resistance, that is, the temperature is short during welding. It will rise to seven or eight hundred degrees or above, or it will naturally cool in the air after welding, and the material will not break.

Solutions for customers

- welding centering pin;

- limit pin;

- positioning pin;

- electrode assembly;

- bolt head insulation sleeve;

- welding fixture assembly;

- MIG/MAG welding protection nozzle.

For different welding equipment, we also offer different solutions:

- Provide a shorter type of centering pin for manual feed mode;

- Provide a longer type of centering pin for automatic feed mode;

- Provides a long neck-type centering pin for the special construction of the hat nut;

- Provide welding pins for customer non-standard equipment, which can be customized according to drawings and samples.

 For more details, Please feel free to contact us.

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