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Customised different shape Alumina silicon carbide Microporous Semiconductor ceramic with air holes

Resistant to high temperature, abrasion, chemical corrosion, 
high mechanical strength, 
easy to regenerate and excellent thermal shock resistance.
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Microporous ceramic vacuum suction cups, 

Microporous ceramic vacuum suction cups are highly efficient tools that find extensive use in various industrial settings due to their ability to create a strong and reliable vacuum. The porous ceramic material from which they are made enables the cups to establish a vacuum by drawing air through tiny pores. This process ensures a robust grip between the suction cup and the surface it adheres to, making it ideal for applications requiring secure and stable attachment. The small size of the pores contributes to the creation of a powerful vacuum, enhancing the overall performance and effectiveness of microporous ceramic vacuum suction cups in industrial operations.

The microporous ceramic material processed by a special process has uniform pore size distribution, uniform particle thickness, and the processed ceramic plate has a smooth and even surface after grinding, which can replace the imported materials from abroad. Our microporous ceramics made of alumina and silicon carbide are available in various pore sizes ranging from 1-2um to 100um, with a porosity of 40%. The colors offered include white, light brown, blue grey, dark brown, black, etc. 

Custom sizes are also available upon request, so feel free to reach out to our customer service for further details and assistance. 

When considering microporous ceramics for industrial applications, it is crucial to ensure that the material meets the specific requirements of the intended use. The versatility and durability of microporous ceramics make them ideal for a wide range of applications, including filtration, catalysis, and thermal insulation. 

Additionally, the ability to customize pore sizes and colors allows for tailored solutions to suit individual needs. By choosing our microporous ceramics, you are investing in high-quality materials that offer superior performance and reliability.

Porous ceramic vacuum suction cups applications:

Microporous ceramic vacuum suction cups are often used in applications where a strong and reliable vacuum is required, such as:

  • In the semiconductor industry, to hold wafers in place during processing

  • In the automotive industry, to hold parts in place during assembly

  • In the food industry, to hold food products in place during packaging

  • In the medical industry, to hold medical devices in place during surgery

Microporous ceramic vacuum suction cups are a versatile and reliable vacuum suction cup that can be used in a variety of applications. They are strong, durable, and easy to use.

Material properties:

Property95%Al2O399%Al2O3Zirconia CeramicsSilicon carbide (SiC)Silicon nitride (Si3N4)Aluminum Nitride (AlN)Machinable ceramics
colourWhite Light yellow White BlackBlack Grey White
Density g/cm33.7g/cm33.9g/cm36.02g/cm33.2g/cm33.25g/cm33.2g/cm32.48g/cm3
water absorption0 %0 %0 %0 %0 %0 %0 %
Hardness (HV)23.723.716.53320--
Flexural strength (MPa)300MPa400MPa1100MPa450MPa800MPa310MPa91MPa
Compressive strength (MPa)2500MPa2800MPa3600MPa2000MPa2600MPa-340MPa
Young's modulus of elasticity300GPa300GPa320GPa450GPa290GPa310~350GPa65GPa
heat conductivity20W/m°C32W/m°C3W/m°C50W/m°C25W/m°C150W/m°C1.46W/m°C
dielectric strength14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm
Volume resistivity (25°C)>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>105Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm
This data is typical of laboratory tests and the actual characteristics of specific production lots may vary.

Product customisation:

Non-standard parts customisation, due to the different requirements of product size, material material, processing accuracy, etc., resulting in material costs, processing costs, packaging logistics and other costs will be different. When ordering, please be sure to contact customer service, as much as possible to provide information about the parts (drawings or samples, use of the environment, etc.) and your requirements (quantity, delivery date, etc.), our company will recommend you to meet your requirements of the product programme and quotation.

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