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Zirconia ceramic split fork

Zirconia ceramic split fork
1.High hardness and good wear resistance:
the Mohs hardness of zirconia ceramic knife is about 8.5, very close to the sapphire’ Mohs hardness of 9.

2.Excellent strength and toughness: 
zirconia industrial ceramic blade has relatively high strength, although its toughness is much lower comparing with some metals,but zirconia ceramic blade has the highest strength among all ceramic materials. . Zirconia ceramic blade can withstand large cutting force, impact and vibration to avoid cracks and breakage.

3、High heat resistance:
Zirconia ceramic blade can maintain the performance of sufficient hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness, oxidation resistance, adhesion resistance and resistance to spread at high temperature. In industrial cutting, zirconia ceramic blade can support faster cutting speeds.
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Zirconia ceramic split fork

Zirconia ceramic is a kind of ceramic material made from zirconia (ZrO2). The material has many characteristics, including chemical inertness, high thermal expansion, high abrasion resistance, crack growth resistance, excellent heat insulation, low thermal conductivity and so on. Moreover, it provides sharp edges and smooth surfaces because of its fine grain size, and zirconia has the highest flexural strength of any other ceramic material at room temperature.

Zirconia Ceramic Performance Table

Mechanical CharacteristicsColorIvory-
Bending Strength800MPa
Compressive trength3000MPa
Elastic Modulus200GPa
Fracture Toughness8MPa m1/2
Weber Coefficient15m
Vickers Hardness1200HV 0.5
Thermal CharactericsCoefficient of Line Thermal Expansion1010-6K-1
Thermal Conductivity3W/mK
Thermal Shock Resistance(Put in Water)300ΔT °C
Max Working Temperature1000°C
Electrical CharacteristicsVolume Resistance at 20°C>1013Ωcm
Dielectric Strength11×106V/m
Dielectric Constant33εr
One MHZ Dielectric Loss Angle at 20°C0.0016tanδ
Chemical CharacteristicsNitric Acid (60%) 90°C≒0.00WT Loss mg/cm^2/day

Sulphuric Acid (95%) 95°C0.04

Caustic Soda (30%) 80°C0.08

The values are typical material properties and may vary according to products configuration and manufacturing process. For more details, Please feel free to contact us.

In daily life, the common tools using zirconia ceramic blade include table knife, scissors, razor, scalpel, box cutter and so on.

The use of these tools takes advantage of the excellent properties of zirconia ceramics, such as high strength, good wear resistance, no rust, no oxidation, good acid and alkali resistance, anti-static, no react with food, etc..  It can effectively avoid the release of metal ions in the tool.

In industrial field, ceramic blades are widely used for cutting of different materials, such as plastic film, fiber, cloth, carpet, foil film, empty hard geltain capsules etc. The outstanding wear resistance of zirconia ceramic blades can greatly reduce the frequency of replacement and maintenance cost, improve the cutting efficiency.

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