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Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, thermal conductive sheet

Aluminium nitride polycrystalline materials have a thermal conductivity of 70~210 W / (m.k), while single crystals can be as high as 275 W / (m.k) or more, which is five times higher than that of alumina.
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Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

High thermal conductivity (>170W/m-K), close to BeO and SiC, more than 5 times that of Al2O3;
Thermal expansion coefficient matches Si and GaAs;
Excellent various electrical properties (dielectric constant, dielectric loss, body resistivity, dielectric strength);
Good mechanical properties, higher flexural strength than Al2O3 and BeO ceramics, can be sintered at atmospheric pressure;
Can be made by casting process. It is a promising substrate and packaging material for high power integrated circuits.

Properties Of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

Surface roughness Ra0.01~0.7um
Bending Strength450MPa
Moh's hardness8-
Thermal conductivity18025°C,W/(m·k)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion410-6/°C,100°C
Dielectric Constant8.81MHz
Dielectric loss<31MHz,10-4
Electrical Resistivity>101425°C,Ω.cm
Dielectric strength17KV/mm

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