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Si3N4 Silicon nitride ceramic pot, High temperature resistant ceramic parts ceramic wheel

  • Offers excellent wear resistance and accuracy in extreme temperature conditions
  • An alternative to wheels made with conventional metal alloys
  • 60% lighter than steel
  • Delivers high strength and fracture toughness
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Resistant to wear and erosion
  • Exhibits nonmagnetic properties and electrical insulation
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Offers design flexibility for a customized solution
  • 0315

Silicon nitride ceramic wheel

SHENZHEN HAORUI INDUSTRIAL Silicon Nitride is a durable and resistant ceramic substance that is significantly lighter than steel, weighing only 60% of its weight. This specific type of Silicon Nitride, known as Sintered Silicon Nitride (Si₃N₄), is specifically engineered to possess a range of exceptional qualities, including resistance to thermal and impact shocks, electrical insulation, and protection against wear. The versatility of SHENZHEN HAORUI Silicon Nitride allows for various design options, making it an excellent substitute for stainless steel, superalloys, tungsten carbides, and older ceramics like Al₂0₃ and ZrO₂. These advantageous characteristics make SHENZHEN HAORUI Silicon Nitride the ideal solution for measuring wheels.

Silicon Nitride's superior properties also extend to its high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, and low thermal expansion, making it an indispensable material in demanding industrial applications. Its ability to maintain dimensional stability under extreme conditions further underscores its value in precision engineering and critical components that require reliability and longevity. In addition, SHENZHEN HAORUI Silicon Nitride's biocompatibility and bioinertness make it suitable for medical and dental applications, where hygiene and safety are paramount. The exceptional performance and adaptability of SHENZHEN HAORUI Silicon Nitride continue to drive innovation across various industries, setting new standards for efficiency and durability in advanced technology and manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, SHENZHEN HAORUI Silicon Nitride's exceptional hardness and wear resistance make it an ideal material for applications in abrasive environments, such as cutting tools, bearings, and seals. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures without compromising its structural integrity ensures consistent performance in harsh operating conditions. The unique combination of properties exhibited by SHENZHEN HAORUI Silicon Nitride, including high strength, toughness, and thermal stability, positions it as a preferred choice for critical components in aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors. As industries continue to push the boundaries of performance and efficiency, SHENZHEN HAORUI Silicon Nitride remains at the forefront, enabling advancements in technology and product innovation.

Application industry: Machinery, electronic, semiconductor, chemical, petroleum, smelt.
Specific application: Welding shaft, electronic substrate, plunger, nozzle, slide guide, diesel parts, metal molding, shaft wheels etc.

Properties Of Silicon Nitride




Bending Strength750MPa
Compressive Strength3800MPa
Elastic Modulus290GPa
Fracture Toughness7MPa m1/2
Weber Coefficient15m
Vickers Hardness1700HV 0.5



Coefficient of Line

Thermal Expansion

210-6 K-1

Thermal Conductivity


Thermal Shock Resistance (Put in Water)


Max Working Temperature




Volume Resistance at 20℃


Dielectric Strength


Dielectric Constant


One MHZ Dielectric

Loss Angle at 20℃




Nitric Acid(60%)90℃

1WT Loss mg/cm2/day

Sulphuric Acid(95%)95℃

Caustic Soda(30%)80℃0.2

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