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Silicon nitride ceramic threaded rod

Typical properties of silicon nitride ceramics
  • High strength over a wide temperature range
  • High fracture toughness
  • High hardness
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good resistance to chemical and oxidation
  • 0302

Processing threaded on silicon nitride rod

Processing threads on silicon nitride ceramics is actually a kind of processing of ceramic materials. 

As we all know that thread processing of metal parts is very simple. It can be done no matter what kind of machine tool is used, or even without a machine tool. , but it is very difficult to process threads on ceramic materials, especially ultra-hard and ultra-brittle ceramic materials such as silicon nitride, Processing threads is even more difficult. It need professional technology and professional equipment, Haorui Industrial Ceramics can process ceramic materials with high precision. We have many CNC machine tools that process ceramic materials, and we have the professional strength to complete it. 

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Properties Of Silicon Nitride




 Color Black/Grey-
Bending Strength750MPa
 Compressive Strength3800MPa
Elastic Modulus290GPa
Fracture Toughness7MPa m1/2
Weber Coefficient15m
Vickers Hardness1700HV 0.5



Coefficient of Line

Thermal Expansion

210-6 K-1
 Thermal Conductivity20W/mK
Thermal Shock Resistance (Put in Water)750ΔT℃
Max Working Temperature1300



Volume Resistance at 20℃>10Ωcm
Dielectric Strength10×106V/m
Dielectric Constant-εr

One MHZ Dielectric

Loss Angle at 20℃




Nitric Acid(60%)90℃1WT Loss mg/cm2/day
Sulphuric Acid(95%)95℃≒0.00
Caustic Soda(30%)80℃0.2

This data is the result of laboratory testing. Customers need to judge whether it can be used according to the specific environment.

For more customization details, Please contact us.

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