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High Strength Good heat sink Ceramic sheet Plate Si3N4 Silicon nitride ceramic substrate plates

Key Silicon Nitride Properties
  • High strength over a wide temperature range
  • High fracture toughness
  • High hardness
  • Outstanding wear resistance, both impingement and frictional modes
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • 0311

Silicon Nitride Plate is a commonly used ceramic material in the metallurgical industry due to the even performance in high temperatures. Silicon Nitride Plate has excellent thermal shock resistance due to the microstructure. The creep and oxidation resistance of Silicon Nitride is also superior, its low thermal conductivity and high wear resistance also make it an outstanding material that can withstand conditions of most industrial applications.

Silicon nitride ceramics have excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It is also one of the most thermodynamically stable high hardness industrial ceramic materials. It is ideal for bearing parts, especially those that need to work at high temperatures and pressures. Silicon nitride ceramic products are therefore ideal for many industries, such as:
Rotary ball and roller bearings
Cutting tools
Engine components: valves, rocker gaskets, seal rings
Induction heating coil supports
Turbine blades, wheel blades, buckets
Welding and brazing fixtures
Heating element assemblies

SHENZHEN HAORUI INDUSTRIAL is a professional ceramic supplier and we have many years of experience in producing high quality precision ceramic parts. We utilise our experienced team and in-depth knowledge of ceramic materials to create the best precision ceramic products for our customers at competitive prices.

Properties Of Silicon Nitride




Bending Strength750MPa
Compressive Strength3800MPa
Elastic Modulus290GPa
Fracture Toughness7MPa m1/2
Weber Coefficient15m
Vickers Hardness1700HV 0.5



Coefficient of Line

Thermal Expansion

210-6 K-1

Thermal Conductivity


Thermal Shock Resistance (Put in Water)


Max Working Temperature




Volume Resistance at 20℃


Dielectric Strength


Dielectric Constant


One MHZ Dielectric

Loss Angle at 20℃




Nitric Acid(60%)90℃

1WT Loss mg/cm2/day

Sulphuric Acid(95%)95℃

Caustic Soda(30%)80℃0.2

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