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Custom High Precision Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Technical Ceramics Structural Parts for Industry

★Edge opening, very sharp
★Extremely high bending strength and hardness
★High density - up to 6.0 g/cm^3
★Low thermal conductivity
★Other features: high electrical insulation, high corrosion resistance, high biocompatibility

Category: Zirconia Ceramic Parts
Tags: Industrial Applications
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Industrial Ceramic, High Precision and High Wear Resistance


Zirconia Ceramic


Ceramic Parts

Transport Package:

Carton or Wooden Box for Safe Packing





Applications of Magnesium Stabilised Zirconia Ceramics
There are several types of zirconia ceramics, the most common being yttrium oxide partially stabilised zirconia (Y-PSZ) and magnesium oxide partially stabilised zirconia (Mg-PSZ). Their unique resistance to crack propagation and high thermal expansion make them excellent for joining ceramics to metals such as steel. Due to its high wear and corrosion resistance, Mg-stabilised zirconia is used in valves, pumps and gaskets. Magnesium-stabilised zirconia is also the material of choice for the chemical processing and petrochemical industries. 

Therefore, zirconia ceramic products are ideal for many industries!

  • Precision shafts in high wear environments;

  • Refractory materials;

  • Bushings and caps;

  • Fibre optic rings and sleeves;

  • Cutters and blades;

  • Fuel cell parts;

  • Bearings and rollers;

  • Electrical insulators;

  • Oxygen sensors;

  • Medical and surgical components;

  • Mechanical seal components;

  • Pumps, pistons and cylinder liners.

Properties Of Different Zirconia Material


3Y-TZP White





Mechanical CharacteristicsColorIvory/Black-Gold Yellow-BLUE-
Bending Strength800MPa450MPa1200MPa
Compressive trength3000MPa2500MPa3000MPa
Elastic Modulus200GPa250GPa220GPa
Fracture Toughness8MPa m1/26~7MPa m1/214MPa m1/2
Weber Coefficient15m12m25m
Vickers Hardness1200HV 0.51100HV 0.51200HV 0.5
Thermal CharactericsCoefficient of Line Thermal Expansion1010-6K-11010-6K-11010-6K-1
Thermal Conductivity3W/mK3W/mK2W/mK
Thermal Shock Resistance(Put in Water)300ΔT °C450ΔT °C300ΔT °C
Max Working Temperature1000°C2100°C1000°C
Electrical CharacteristicsVolume Resistance at 20°C>1013Ωcm>1014Ωcm>1013Ωcm
Dielectric Strength11×106V/m13 × 105V/m11×106V/m
Dielectric Constant33εr28εr33εr
One MHZ Dielectric Loss Angle at 20°C0.0016tanδ0.0017tanδ0.0016tanδ
Chemical CharacteristicsNitric Acid (60%) 90°C≒0.00WT Loss mg/cm2/day0.1WT Loss mg/cm2/day≒0.00WT Loss mg/cm2/day
Sulphuric Acid (95%) 95°C0.040.340.03
Caustic Soda (30%) 80°C0.080.950.06

This data is the result of laboratory testing. Customers need to judge whether it can be used according to the specific environment.


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