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MACOR Customized Machinable Glass Ceramic, semicircle shaped insulator ceramic parts,

Ultra High Temperature Performance (800°C continuous - 1,000°C peak).
Low Thermal Conductivity Excellent Insulator.
No porosity & will not outgas.
Radiation Resistant
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Machinable glass ceramics 

Machining glass-ceramic requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure proper handling and precision. Turning involves rotating the material against a cutting tool to create cylindrical shapes, while milling uses a rotating cutter to remove material from the surface. Drilling involves creating holes in the glass-ceramic using a drill bit, and tapping is the process of creating internal threads. Each of these techniques plays a crucial role in shaping the glass-ceramic into the desired form, making it a versatile material for various applications. With the right tools and techniques, machinable glass-ceramic can be transformed into intricate and precise components that meet specific requirements..

Properties Of Machinable Glass Ceramic

Item Test Conditions Data
Density Archimedes Principle 2.48 g/cm3
Apparent Porosity - 0.069%
Water Absorption - 0
Hardness Mohs 4~5
Color - White
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion -50°C∽200°C average value 72×10-7/°C
Thermal Conductivity 25°C 1.46 W/(mꞏK)
Long-term Use Temperature - 800 °C
Bending Strength - >91 MPa
Compression Strength - >508 MPa
Impact Toughness - >2.56 KJ/m2
Elastic Modulus - 65 GPa
Dielectric Loss Room temperature 1~4×10-3
Dielectric Constant Room temperature 6~7
Breakdown Strength Sample Thickness:1mm >40 KV/mm
Electrical Resistivity

25°C 1.08×1016 Ω.cm
200°C 1.5×1012 Ω.cm
500°C 1.1×109 Ω.cm
Outgassing Rate at Room Temperature Vacuum aging for 8 hours 8.8×10-9 ml/s. cm2
Helium Transmission Rate After burning at 500°C, Cool to room temperature 1×10-10 ml/s
5%HCl 95°C, 24 hour 0.26 mg/cm2
5%HF " 83 mg/cm2
50%Na2CO3  " 0.012 mg/cm2
5%NaOH " 0.85 mg/cm2
This data is the result of laboratory testing. Customers need to judge whether it can be used according to the specific environment.

MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic

Macor is a unique material that offers exceptional engineering properties. Its ability to be machined using regular metalworking tools sets it apart from other ceramics. This versatile material combines the strengths of technical ceramics with the flexibility of high-performance plastics. Macor is non-porous and, once properly baked, it remains free of outgassing. Its strength and rigidity make it a reliable choice, as it does not exhibit creep or deformation like high-temperature plastics. Additionally, Macor's machinable glass ceramic composition provides excellent resistance to radiation, making it a valuable option for various applications.

Properties of MACOR® Glass Ceramic 

MACOR® has a continuous use temperature of 800°C and a peak temperature of 1000°C. It offers excellent high-temperature electrical insulation properties with an electrical breakdown strength of 40KV/A per millimeter.

Industry Applications MACOR® builds value in every field :

• Constant and ultra-high vacuum  environments

• Laser technology

• Semiconductor / Electronic

• Aerospace / Space

• Medical/ Laboratory equipment

• Fixtures

• Chemical

• Automobile

• Military

• Nuclear

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