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High precision zirconia ceramic roller customised precision machining

Our ceramic roller assemblies stand out for their exact movement and durability, playing a crucial role in diverse sectors like energy and textiles. HaoRui offers a range of high-quality Alumina and Zirconia ceramic rollers, catering to specific industry requirements. From smooth, polished surface rollers designed for the textile industry to abrasion-resistant and heat-stable rollers suitable for furnaces and hearth kilns, our products cover a spectrum of applications.
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High precision zirconia ceramic roller customised precision machining

Our company has a strong technical level in industrial ceramic/hard alloy (tungsten steel) non-standard precision parts processing and manufacturing industry.

Many technologies are in the leading position In this field. The company has a group of professional technicians who have been in the industry for more than 10 years, and has a strong technical ability.
We have perfect production process and quality management process and a complete set of precision processing equipment and inspection equipment.

Main products:
zirconia ceramic precision parts, alumina ceramic precision parts, silicon nitride ceramics precision parts, silicon carbide ceramic precision parts.Hard alloy (tungten steel) precision parts.
The products are widely used in the fields of precision machinery manufacturing, microelectronics, semiconductor, aerospace, aviation, biological medicine, optical fiber, photoelectric, test, inspection, pv solar and other professional fields.

Machining precision data: (reference data,the actual data is subject to the actual conditions)
(1)Shaft parts: Radial dimensions can reach 0.0015 mm; roundness 0.001 mm, concentricity 0.0025 mm, roughness 0.01
(2)Hole type parts:Machining minimum aperture of 0.3 mm, depth can reach 3 mm;The diameter of 1 mm can be radial 0.002 mm;Roughness 0.02-0.04;
(3)Plane processing:The tolerance can reach 0.002 mm, and the plane is 0.0015mm.
(4)Ceramic thread processing:the internal thread M2 can be grinds, thread precision GB-7h; The outer thread size is not limited, the precision GB-6g;

Properties Of Different Zirconia Material


3Y-TZP White





Mechanical CharacteristicsColorIvory/Black-Gold Yellow-BLUE-
Bending Strength800MPa450MPa1200MPa
Compressive trength3000MPa2500MPa3000MPa
Elastic Modulus200GPa250GPa220GPa
Fracture Toughness8MPa m1/26~7MPa m1/214MPa m1/2
Weber Coefficient15m12m25m
Vickers Hardness1200HV 0.51100HV 0.51200HV 0.5
Thermal CharactericsCoefficient of Line Thermal Expansion1010-6K-11010-6K-11010-6K-1
Thermal Conductivity3W/mK3W/mK2W/mK
Thermal Shock Resistance(Put in Water)300ΔT °C450ΔT °C300ΔT °C
Max Working Temperature1000°C2100°C1000°C
Electrical CharacteristicsVolume Resistance at 20°C>1013Ωcm>1014Ωcm>1013Ωcm
Dielectric Strength11×106V/m13 × 105V/m11×106V/m
Dielectric Constant33εr28εr33εr
One MHZ Dielectric Loss Angle at 20°C0.0016tanδ0.0017tanδ0.0016tanδ
Chemical CharacteristicsNitric Acid (60%) 90°C≒0.00WT Loss mg/cm2/day0.1WT Loss mg/cm2/day≒0.00WT Loss mg/cm2/day
Sulphuric Acid (95%) 95°C0.040.340.03
Caustic Soda (30%) 80°C0.080.950.06

This data is the result of laboratory testing. Customers need to judge whether it can be used according to the specific environment.

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Founded in June 2006, Shenzhen Haorui IndustriaI Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of non-standard industrial ceramics, hard alloys (tungsten steel) and various metal and non-metal precision machinery parts.

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